Thursday, August 26, 2010

You Care...

Left out and all alone,
I long for the safety and love.
Through those bitter pangs of pain,
Comfort and solace I desire

Who knows the depths of agony?
Who feels the twitch of a broken heart?
Who sees these sorry tears?
Who cares how hurt I am?

None. But you Lord Jesus,
Only you, yes you alone,
Can know and feel and see.
You care and this is all i need!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A hurt child, tired and lonely,
Pained in heart and soul.
Frustrated and in despair,
I run to your embrace

See my heart Oh Lord,
Read the wordless pain;
Feel the disappointments,
Only you can understand.

I ran after people for love,
found i was used, abused.
I took but one step near you,
To be in your embrace

Filled with comfort and peace,
I found strength to carry on.
To love the very ones that hurt,
What power in your embrace!

You understand this hurt and lonely child,
You stand by and hold my aching heart,
You heal with balm of sacred love,
Embrace with tender care.

In your embrace i feel,
A body tattered with pain;
A soul deserted, weary,
Restored by an embrace.

You embraced death, cruel, ugly,
To understand my pain,
This is that sacred embrace,
The embrace of Christ Himself.

-Preena Deepak Samuel
written out of the depths of despair, YET healed in Jesus Name, restored for a Higher purpose.

Monday, April 6, 2009




I will hold you by MY HAND,

I will lead you and feed you,

Show you all you need to do.

Whenever you are scared

And feel alone

Just remember I hold you in MY HAND.



Oh what do you fear

No evil can near

Safe and secure in MY HAND

When the pressure to succeed,

Falls heavily on you.

Just remember you're inscribed in MY HAND

I will show you what to do,

I will give you the best;

You're forever engraved in MY HAND

When the enemy comes,

To steal away your joy,

I will shelter you from every blow.

None can take what i give

With my strength you will live;

Hidden in the Shadow of MY HAND

When you feel your life is empty,

and purpose is lost;

I will always have something better for you.

When your work is in vain,

And your heart crumbles in pain,

I will touch and heal with MY HAND.

And then in sickness and pain,

I will strengthen and keep you,

Bless you even when you're old.

when one last day

you leave your earthly home

I receive you in MY HAND  


Filled with thoughts so wrong,

I wandered along; lonely and lost.

Fears and doubts overwhelmed me;

Till one day I found…



Higher thoughts, better ways;

Words of truth, plans I just don’t understand.

Hope and life, peace and joy: a life I don’t deserve

Yet  mine because of HIM


Now I live everyday;

Abundantly pardoned.

Fear, doubt and sin atoned at the cross.

JESUS t o fill every lonely spot.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A lump of clay, ugly, undesired
Along the wayside, bare:
Finding worth this blessed day,
For the Maker chose to touch

The Maker proceeds with certain aim;
to mould and make good,
This ugly lump of clay, undesired;
A thing of beauty and grace!

But Oh! the unworthy lump of clay,
Forgetting its roots;
Dares ask the Maker,
"What do you make of me?"

Still the lump that yields and surrenders,
Fully knowing the Maker's skill,
Finds itself transformed;
A vessel of honour, a vessel of worth!

-Preena Deepak Samuel
(Based on Is 45:9)

The Shepherd's Love

Oh! Shepherd Divine, how can i compare your love?
You provide and feed and care;
Like none else could.

You carry in your strong arms,
The little lamb, weak and weary;
Close to your heart to stay.

You understand the ones with young,
And lead them gently on the way.
Oh! such tender care!

You seek and find and never give up,
On the unworthy,runaway lamb.
Finding good even in this stray.

You correct and lead in the right way,
Your eyes always on the flock;
Only good shall unfold

-Preena Deepak Samuel
(Based on Is 40:11 and Ps 23)